Waking Roe

Ever have one of those days where the Supreme Court stole your uterus?

Policy, mockery, and dystopian worlds collide in essays and verse. From thoughtful to despairing, snarky to dark, she's on the march to revive some shred of the America she was promised, terrified by the one she's got.

Enter the maze of genuine grief, alternate worlds, and twisted humor of a post-Roe woman on the edge.

Stories and Poems in Honor of Choice

Ebook and paperback available at multiple retailers.


Her first book will likely be her last stand!

Meet Amy, Amy, and some omniscient narrator who sounds suspiciously like Amy. At least one of them is fed up with the ongoing chronicle of American dissent and descent. From laughably-named "healthcare" to the uselessness of college degrees, she's taking aim at the edge of the American dream with a gonzo journalist exposé of...herself.

Boomeranging through policy measures and non sequiturs with an equal lack of tact, Amy hatches escape plans while attempting to oxygenate her way through a maze of paperwork and globally-relevant microbes in her quest to break up with America for good as it breaks down from within.

Pack a library in your luggage and brace yourself for tart answers to typical questions as you journey through the pandemic with a self-published rogue who's unlikely to survive it all!

assorted-color masquerade mask collection
assorted-color masquerade mask collection

I explore society and policy through creative nonfiction with a tragicomic twist. Okay, but what is creative nonfiction? It's when we use real life as a starting point to vault from in our storytelling. Then, we bring in specific subjects and viewpoints in a strategic way, focusing a narrative on the line that rides the real-to-really-outrageous balance.

It's not pure biography or history, and it's also not pure fiction. You could call my work dystopian comedic memoir, fractured fairytales of history, or alternative autobiographical theater. You'll find me and many global events, and perhaps some alter egos, at the center of every tale. It's anyone's guess who the hero or the villain might be!

woman laying on bed near gray radio
woman laying on bed near gray radio

Sure, I write about relatable daily tortures like dysfunctional "customer support" chatbots and my longtime nemesis, autocorrect.

But I also like to bring in topics that may go unnoticed or perspectives that aren't expected, or even necessarily welcome.

Except with my upcoming 2024 book, where I find myself surprisingly in line with the majority of you out there. Reproductive rights in the USA gets the next shout-out in a slim volume of poetry and essays that howls, mocks, and mourns our current state of play.

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